Google Teams up with Nvidia, while PlayStation Plus Prices Rise: Winners and Losers

In the ever-evolving landscape of the technology world, there have been both triumphs and setbacks this week. Amidst the buzz surrounding IFA 2023, where groundbreaking innovations were unveiled, there have been notable developments that have captured our attention elsewhere.

One of the winners this week is the collaboration between Google and Nvidia. Chromebook owners can now elevate their gaming experience with a three-month trial of Nvidia GeForce Now, courtesy of the partnership. This enticing offer is available exclusively to eligible Chromebooks through the Chromebook Perks website. By taking advantage of this opportunity, users gain access to the GeForce Now Priority tier, usually priced at £8.99 per month. Subscribers can enjoy priority access to Premium Servers, reduced waiting times, and gaming sessions lasting up to six hours at a 1080p HD resolution and 60fps.

While the end date for this promotion remains undisclosed, Google has emphasized that it is a limited-time opportunity. It is important to note that subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the trial period unless canceled beforehand.

Unfortunately, not every gaming enthusiast has reason to rejoice this week. Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscribers in the UK will soon face an increase in membership prices. According to a blog post by Sony, the 12-month trial for PS Plus Essential, Plus, and Premium memberships will experience price hikes of £10, £16, and £20 per year, respectively. Consequently, the annual subscription will become less budget-friendly, leaving gamers with an annual fee of £59.99/$79.99 for the base 12-month PlayStation Plus Essential subscription.

The good news is that the one-month and three-month subscriptions will remain unaffected by the price adjustments, providing some relief to PlayStation gamers. The increased prices will only take effect at the next renewal date, allowing current members to continue enjoying their subscription at the pre-adjustment rates until their membership expires. Any membership changes made on or after September 6th, including upgrades, downgrades, or additional time, will reflect the new prices, affording a window of opportunity to secure another year at the current, more affordable rate.

While some may celebrate the collaboration between Google and Nvidia, there will undoubtedly be disappointed PlayStation Plus subscribers facing the upcoming price increases. As the technology landscape evolves, it is vital for companies to carefully balance value propositions and consumer expectations to maintain their competitive edge in the market.


1. Can I still access the Nvidia GeForce Now trial offer?

Yes, the trial offer is currently available for eligible Chromebook owners through the Chromebook Perks website.

2. What benefits does the GeForce Now Priority tier offer?

The GeForce Now Priority tier provides priority access to Premium Servers, reduced waiting times, and extended gaming sessions of up to six hours at a Full HD resolution (1080p) and 60fps.

3. When will the Playstation Plus price increases take effect?

The price increases for the Playstation Plus subscriptions will come into effect at the next renewal date. Any subscription changes made on or after September 6th will reflect the new prices.