New Era of Workplace Safety: Voxel’s Computer Vision Technology

In a groundbreaking advancement for workplace safety, Voxel, a startup specializing in computer vision, has secured $12 million in funding led by global manufacturer Rite-Hite. This funding round, which also included participation from Eclipse Ventures and MTech, brings Voxel’s total funding since 2020 to $30 million, empowering the company to revolutionize workplace safety across industries.

An Innovative Approach to Safety
Setting itself apart from other computer vision startups, Voxel has developed a cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates with existing security cameras, eliminating the need for companies to invest in new equipment. By leveraging this technology, Voxel’s solution is able to identify potential hazards, such as near-miss vehicle collisions, blocked exits, improper ergonomics, and spills, and instantly sends real-time alerts to on-site personnel.

Notable Clientele and Visionary Leadership
Voxel’s impressive client roster includes renowned companies like Michael’s, Dollar Tree, Clorox, PPG Industries, and Office Depot. The success of Voxel can be attributed to its CEO, Alex Senemar, who previously launched Sherbit, an AI-powered remote health monitoring system for hospitals. Senemar’s visionary leadership, along with the expertise of Voxel’s co-founders, including CTO Anurag Kanungo and Harishma Dayanidhi, has enabled the company to make significant strides in enhancing workplace safety.

Automation and Immediate Solutions
Voxel recognizes the untapped potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision in workplace safety. Many companies still heavily rely on manual supervision, sporadic checks, and retrospective incident reporting, which often overlook near-miss incidents and fail to provide real-time solutions. Voxel aims to change this by automating the process and offering video-based coaching and analytic tools that safety teams can use to implement immediate changes, leading to a proactive and data-driven approach to workplace safety.

Q: How does Voxel’s technology enhance workplace safety?
A: Voxel’s computer vision technology seamlessly integrates with existing security cameras, allowing companies to identify potential hazards in real-time and alert on-site personnel.

Q: What industries benefit from Voxel’s technology?
A: Voxel’s technology is beneficial across various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and logistics, among others.

Q: Does Voxel’s technology violate privacy concerns?
A: No, Voxel has a strict ethics policy that prohibits facial recognition and identifying individuals in its systems. Additionally, facial blurring is available upon request, and footage is discarded if no safety risks are identified.

Q: What are Voxel’s plans for the future?
A: Voxel plans to expand its presence in industries that have yet to embrace AI for safety purposes. The company also aims to integrate more predictive analytics to proactively mitigate potential risks and extend its footprint beyond North America.

With Voxel’s innovative technology, workplace safety enters a new realm, empowering companies to prioritize the well-being of their employees and mitigate risks effectively. As Voxel continues to grow and expand its reach, the future of workplace safety looks brighter than ever.