Tripadvisor Introduces AI-Powered Travel Itinerary Generator

Tripadvisor has announced the integration of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its Trips planning tool. This upgrade enables the creation of personalized travel itineraries within minutes based on an individual’s specific travel needs. Currently in beta phase and available only to users in the U.S., Tripadvisor plans to expand this feature to its native app and more markets in the future.

By utilizing a vast amount of traveler data and user-generated reviews, the AI-powered tool suggests day-by-day travel plans that align with the user’s travel style. Users can input their destination, length of stay, number of travelers, and a list of activities or attractions. The technology will then provide recommendations for accommodations, transportation options, and even allow users to save, edit, and share their itinerary during their trip.

AI technology is gaining attention in the travel industry, although it may take some time before it can seamlessly plan trips. According to a survey conducted in August 2022, travelers worldwide expressed their willingness to trust AI for various aspects of trip planning. Accommodation planning, in particular, had the highest number of respondents (75%) who indicated that they would rely on AI for this purpose.

In addition to Tripadvisor, other prominent travel brands such as, Expedia, Airbnb, and Priceline have also integrated AI into their platforms. These developments showcase the importance of leveraging advanced technology to enhance travel experiences and provide greater convenience to travelers.

As Tripadvisor continues to refine its AI-powered travel itinerary generator, it aims to revolutionize the way people plan their trips, offering hyper-personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and budget.