ChatGPT App Now Available for Android

OpenAI has kept its promise and released a ChatGPT app for Android. Similar to the iOS version, Android users can now interact with the generative AI to seek advice and receive helpful responses. The app allows voice requests through OpenAI’s in-house speech recognition technology and supports chat history synchronization across devices, as well as data export. The only feature missing compared to the iOS version is the ability to use plugins.

Subscribers of ChatGPT Plus can also switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models. However, users of any tier will need at least Android 6.0 to use the app.

This Android release makes the ChatGPT app more accessible to users in countries where Android is dominant or where PCs are less common. The app has been available to iPhone users since May, with subsequent support for iPad.

As with other conversational AI systems like Bing Chat and Bard, it is important not to rely entirely on the output of ChatGPT due to its tendency for “hallucinations” that result in inaccurate claims and poor contextual logic. Instead, it can be used as a starting point for tasks or creative duties where accuracy is not crucial.

While OpenAI has played a significant role in popularizing generative AI tools like ChatGPT, it has also faced criticism and political attention. Concerns have arisen about the potential for control or the spread of misinformation through such technologies. OpenAI is actively working to mitigate these risks by advocating responsible development and regulation.

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