Tech Mahindra Unveils Groundbreaking Ops amplifAIer: Revolutionizing IT Support with Generative AI

Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, has launched its groundbreaking Ops amplifAIer solution, a digital assistant designed to empower IT support engineers with next-level productivity. This innovative solution, part of Tech Mahindra’s suite of AI offerings and solutions, revolutionizes the IT support landscape by providing a single integrated view with contextual information and tools to efficiently resolve issues. Ops amplifAIer also introduces cutting-edge generative AI assistance capabilities, fostering team collaboration and future-proofing IT processes in a responsible manner.

Ops amplifAIer seamlessly integrates with existing ITOps tools, consolidating contextual information related to IT tickets and alerts. Leveraging generative AI, the solution analyzes this data, identifies potential root causes, diagnoses problems, recommends appropriate remediation actions, and even generates automation scripts. Furthermore, a comprehensive enterprise automation catalogue facilitates the reuse of automation artifacts across the organization, thereby streamlining operations.

“Enterprises have systems tailored for different departments like HR, Finance, and Sales, but until now, there has been no dedicated system for IT support engineers,” notes Hasit Trivedi, CTO – Digital Services and Global Head – AI at Tech Mahindra. “Ops amplifAIer fills this gap by providing a centralized platform that enhances the efficiency of support engineers. By leveraging generative AI and deep contextual understanding, our solution enables faster issue analysis and resolution.”

Ops amplifAIer not only promotes collaboration among team members but also introduces a generative AI chatbot for streamlined assistance. Moreover, the solution addresses the need to safeguard enterprise IT knowledge by ensuring that workflows and scripts remain independent of vendor-specific platforms and tools. The unified operations console eliminates the need for support engineers to log into multiple ITOps tools, while the contextual data collected allows generative AI to perform tasks that were previously handled solely by engineers.

With its extensive expertise in AI technology and customer-centric approach, Tech Mahindra aims to drive unparalleled efficiency in enterprises with Ops amplifAIer. This solution is designed to work seamlessly across organizations, eliminating complexity and accelerating value creation. This launch is part of Tech Mahindra’s ongoing commitment to transform enterprises through advanced AI-led offerings, complementing its existing portfolio of innovative solutions like Email amplifAIer, Enterprise Knowledge Search, Evangelize Pair Programming, and Generative AI Studio.


1. What is Ops amplifAIer?
Ops amplifAIer is a groundbreaking digital assistant developed by Tech Mahindra to enhance the productivity of IT support engineers. It offers a single integrated view, generative AI assistance, collaboration features, and automation capabilities, revolutionizing the IT support landscape.

2. How does Ops amplifAIer work?
Ops amplifAIer integrates with existing ITOps tools to collect contextual information related to IT tickets and alerts. Leveraging generative AI, it analyzes data, diagnoses issues, recommends remediation actions, and generates automation scripts. The solution also promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among team members.

3. What are the benefits of Ops amplifAIer?
Ops amplifAIer improves the efficiency of support engineers by providing a consolidated view and reducing the need to log into multiple tools. It accelerates issue resolution, enhances collaboration, and future-proofs IT processes. The solution also protects enterprise IT knowledge and enables automation reuse for increased productivity.