New Investors Show Increased Interest in NVIDIA Stock

Sheets Smith Wealth Management recently reduced its holdings in NVIDIA Co. (NASDAQ:NVDA) by an impressive 95.7% in the first quarter of this year, according to the company’s Form 13F filing with the SEC. This move saw the firm sell 6,145 shares of the computer hardware maker’s stock, leaving them with a remaining 278 shares worth approximately $1,831,000. However, Sheets Smith Wealth Management is not the only investor taking action regarding NVIDIA stock.

Contravisory Investment Management Inc. recently purchased a new stake in NVIDIA during the first quarter, valued at around $28,000. Nordwand Advisors LLC also joined the list of investors acquiring shares, buying a new position in NVIDIA with an estimated value of $28,000. Additionally, Financial Connections Group Inc. increased its position in NVIDIA by a substantial 605.7% in the fourth quarter of last year. As of now, Financial Connections Group Inc. owns 247 shares of NVIDIA stock worth $36,000. Chelsea Counsel Co. and Compass Wealth Management LLC have also made recent purchases of NVIDIA stock, with an estimated value of $37,000 and $39,000, respectively.

With these new investors entering the market, it’s clear that there is growing interest in NVIDIA. The company’s strong performance and market potential have attracted the attention of institutional investors. This surge in interest may indicate positive growth prospects for NVIDIA moving forward.

Q: Why did Sheets Smith Wealth Management reduce its holdings in NVIDIA?
A: Sheets Smith Wealth Management reduced its holdings in NVIDIA to 95.7% in the first quarter of this year to reallocate its investment portfolio.

Q: Are there any other large investors interested in NVIDIA?
A: Yes, Contravisory Investment Management Inc., Nordwand Advisors LLC, Financial Connections Group Inc., Chelsea Counsel Co., and Compass Wealth Management LLC have all recently acquired stakes in NVIDIA.

Q: What is NVIDIA’s current market capitalization?
A: NVIDIA’s market capitalization is $1.13 trillion.

Q: What is NVIDIA’s latest earnings report?
A: NVIDIA reported $2.70 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $2.08 by $0.62.

Q: Has NVIDIA announced any dividends?
A: NVIDIA recently announced a quarterly dividend of $0.04 per share, which will be paid on September 28th.

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