New Treatment Discovery Platform Raises $7 Million to Empower Patients

Eureka Health, a healthtech startup, has secured $7 million in funding for its innovative platform designed to aid patients in finding new treatments for chronic conditions. Led by Khosla Ventures, this latest round of funding will allow Eureka Health to further develop its cutting-edge technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The founders of Eureka Health, Zain Memon and Noah MacCallum, were inspired to create the platform based on their personal experiences with family members who were diagnosed with chronic conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. MacCallum’s siblings were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and a brain tumor, while Memon’s mother was diagnosed with multiple-system atrophy.

Recognizing the challenges faced by these patients, which often included the need to become their own experts and advocates, Memon and MacCallum set out to build a solution that would empower individuals in similar situations. Eureka Health’s platform leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze vast amounts of patient data, including thousands of patient reports on conditions such as long COVID and obesity.

By harnessing the power of AI, the platform offers personalized treatment recommendations based on individual patient profiles, increasing the likelihood of finding effective treatments. This not only saves patients valuable time and energy but also enables them to make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

The recent funding secured by Eureka Health will be instrumental in expanding their reach and further refining their technology. With the support of Khosla Ventures and other investors, the startup aims to revolutionize how patients with chronic conditions navigate their healthcare journey.


Q: What is Eureka Health?
A: Eureka Health is a healthtech startup that has developed a platform to help patients with chronic conditions find new treatments.

Q: How does Eureka Health’s platform work?
A: Eureka Health’s platform utilizes AI algorithms to analyze patient data and generate personalized treatment recommendations for individuals with chronic conditions.

Q: What inspired the founders of Eureka Health?
A: The founders were inspired by their personal experiences with family members who were diagnosed with chronic conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: What is the recent funding for Eureka Health?
A: Eureka Health raised $7 million in funding, led by Khosla Ventures, to further develop their platform and technology.