Researcher Envisions a Smart Education System Built on Blockchain, DAO, NFT, and AI

A researcher at Anadolu University in Turkey, Mehmet Fırat, has published a research paper outlining a multi-tech solution to the challenges facing the traditional education system. Fırat named this solution the “Smart Open Education Ecosystem” (SOEE). By combining blockchain, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), multimodal learning analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), Fırat aims to create a self-contained educational ecosystem with several advantages over the traditional model.

According to Fırat, some of the significant handicaps of today’s education system include equity, fair opportunity, and access issues. To address these challenges, Fırat proposes an “open education” system powered by blockchain technology. The system would utilize generative AI systems like ChatGPT to personalize learning experiences for students. Lessons, learning resources, and credentials would be represented as NFTs, and the entire process would be governed by a DAO.

The ultimate goal of this open education system is to democratize learning, make education accessible to all, and provide personalized learning experiences. However, existing structures, such as open universities, have not been able to integrate artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data to achieve this goal.

While open education on the blockchain is not a new concept, Fırat’s research is considered to be one of the most ambitious endeavors in this field. Fırat believes that by converging these technologies, an educational singularity can be achieved. This singularity would be a point where lifelong free education becomes universally accessible.

Before reaching this distant goal, Fırat identifies 12 main benefits of the SOEE. These benefits include accessibility, personalization, education quality, security, transparency, democratic governance, intellectual property, global cooperation, equality, reusability of resources, preservation of diversity, innovation, and support for student success and career planning.

Fırat suggests that these potential benefits should be further explored and investigated by educational stakeholders and policymakers. The integration of blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and AI in the education sector holds promise for transforming the traditional educational system into a more inclusive and personalized experience for learners.