Reliance Partners with Nvidia for Developing AI Infrastructure in India

Reliance Industries, owned by Mukesh Ambani, has entered into a partnership with US-based chipmaker Nvidia to develop India’s own foundation large language model trained on the country’s diverse languages and tailored for generative AI applications.

This collaboration will see Nvidia working with Reliance to build AI infrastructure. As part of the agreement, Reliance will have access to Nvidia’s GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and DGX Cloud.

Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia, highlighted India’s scale, data, and talent, stating that with the most advanced AI computing infrastructure, Reliance can build its own large language models to power generative AI applications within India for the people of India.

The partnership with Nvidia will enable Reliance to leverage Nvidia’s advanced technology and expertise in AI to develop cutting-edge AI infrastructure in the country. This move aligns with Reliance’s strategic focus on expanding its presence in the technology and digital sectors.

By developing its own AI infrastructure, Reliance aims to drive innovation and create solutions that cater specifically to the needs of the Indian market. This collaboration with Nvidia is expected to accelerate the development and adoption of AI technologies across various industries in India.

With the increasing demand for AI-based applications and solutions, the partnership between Reliance and Nvidia comes at a crucial time. It will not only boost the AI ecosystem in India but also strengthen the country’s technological capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Overall, the collaboration between Reliance and Nvidia signifies a significant step towards the advancement of AI infrastructure in India, showcasing the commitment of both companies to drive technological innovation and empower the Indian market with AI-driven solutions.