Quantum-Si Unveils Revolutionary Protein Sequencing Instrument Platinum™ and its Vision for Genomics and Proteomics Research

BRANFORD, Conn., October 31, 2023– Quantum-Si Incorporated (Nasdaq: QSI) (“Quantum-Si,” “QSI” or the “Company”) is set to revolutionize genomics and proteomics research with the introduction of its next-generation benchtop protein sequencing instrument, Platinum™. The groundbreaking Platinum™ instrument, to be showcased at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) conference in Washington, D.C., November 1-5, marks a significant advancement in next-generation protein sequencing technology.

Platinum™, a revolutionary tool that surpasses the limitations of mass spectrometry and immunoassays, enables precise single-molecule resolution. By providing this level of accuracy, Platinum™ opens up new possibilities in genomic research by revealing critical genome-to-proteome links that aid in predicting phenotype.

Quantum-Si CEO Jeff Hawkins, describes Platinum™ as an essential multi-omics research tool that has been missing from current workflows. Its capabilities will be demonstrated at Booth #115 during the ASHG conference. Attendees can engage with Quantum-Si’s Chief Commercial Officer Grace Johnston, Ph.D., and CEO Jeff Hawkins to gain a deeper understanding of the technology and its transformative potential in the field of proteomics.

In an informative presentation on Thursday, November 2, Quantum-Si scientists will highlight the challenges faced by existing proteomics technologies and how Platinum™ overcomes them. This will provide attendees with valuable insights into the benefits and advancements made possible by this groundbreaking instrument.

Platinum™, the world’s first next-generation single-molecule protein sequencing platform, utilizes proprietary recognizers that identify proteins and amino acids based on kinetic binding signatures. Its elegant design and streamlined workflow make it accessible to scientists across different disciplines, from drug discovery to biotechnology.

Quantum-Si’s Platinum™ is expected to accelerate breakthroughs in scientific research, and its affordability and compact size ensure broad-scale access to proteomic data. This revolutionary platform has the potential to improve diagnostic tools and advance drug discovery, ultimately leading to healthier and longer lives for individuals worldwide.


What is Platinum™?
Platinum™ is a next-generation benchtop protein sequencing instrument developed by Quantum-Si. It offers precise single-molecule resolution and overcomes limitations posed by mass spectrometry and immunoassays.

How does Platinum™ transform genomics and proteomics research?
Platinum™ enables the identification of genome-to-proteome links, aiding in the prediction of phenotype. It provides breakthrough capabilities and insights that were missing from existing proteomics technologies.

What are the benefits of Platinum™?
Platinum™ offers broad-scale access to proteomic data due to its compact size and affordable price-point. It has the potential to accelerate advancements in drug discovery, biotechnology, and diagnostic tools, ultimately leading to healthier and longer lives.

Where can I learn more about Quantum-Si and Platinum™?
To learn more about Quantum-Si and its transformative technology, visit quantum-si.com.