New Partnership between Quantum FinTech and AtlasClear to Revolutionize Financial Services

TAMPA, Fla., November 06, 2023– Quantum FinTech Acquisition Corporation (“Quantum”) (NYSE: QFTA) has received approval from its stockholders for a game-changing business combination with AtlasClear, Inc. (“AtlasClear”). The partnership aims to create a cutting-edge technology-enabled financial services firm that will revolutionize the trading, clearing, settlement, and banking of evolving financial products.

The team leading AtlasClear consists of respected veterans in the financial services industry, who have founded and led successful companies such as Penson Clearing, Southwest Securities, NexTrade, and Anderen Bank. Their expertise and experience will drive the development of an efficient platform that caters to the needs of small and middle market financial services firms.

The combined entity formed by Quantum and AtlasClear will leverage robust and proven financial technologies. It will offer a full exchange platform for a wide range of financial products and provide a variety of services, including prime brokerage and banking. Additionally, the enterprise plans to expand its offerings to include a fixed income risk management platform and diverse applications for financial products.

The transaction will introduce a new digital suite of technologies that will streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Once completed, Quantum’s common stock will begin trading on the NYSE American under the symbol “ATCH.”

This groundbreaking partnership is expected to not only transform financial services but also create new opportunities for investors, businesses, and consumers alike. With its innovative approach and focus on technology, the combined entity aims to reshape the industry and pave the way for a more sophisticated and inclusive financial ecosystem.

As the final closing conditions are met, including the approval for listing Calculator New Pubco, Inc.’s common stock on NYSE American, the business combination is on track to be consummated. Both Quantum and AtlasClear are excited about the prospects of their collaboration and look forward to ushering in a new era of financial services.


1. What is Quantum FinTech Acquisition Corporation?
Quantum FinTech Acquisition Corporation is a special purpose acquisition company listed on the NYSE (QFTA). It focuses on identifying and merging with businesses in the financial technology sector.

2. Who is AtlasClear, Inc.?
AtlasClear, Inc. is a forthcoming financial services firm that aims to create an efficient platform for trading, clearing, settlement, and banking of evolving financial products.

3. What services will the combined entity offer?
The combined entity will offer a full exchange platform for financial products, prime brokerage services, banking capabilities, and a fixed income risk management platform.

4. When will Quantum’s stock begin trading on the NYSE American?
Quantum’s stock is expected to trade under the symbol “ATCH” on the NYSE American once the business combination with AtlasClear is completed.

5. How will this partnership revolutionize the financial services industry?
The partnership between Quantum and AtlasClear will introduce advanced technologies and innovative approaches to transform and improve the efficiency of financial services, benefiting investors, businesses, and consumers.