Quantum Error: A Cosmic Journey into Horror

TeamKill Media has unveiled the launch trailer for their highly anticipated horror shooter game, Quantum Error. Set in the year 2109, the game takes place in a world where the United Nations of America has integrated artificial intelligence (A.I.) into everyday life. As players embark on a mission to rescue survivors from the engulfed Monad Quantum Research Facility, they are drawn into a nightmarish cosmic journey that blurs the lines between reality and otherworldly dimensions.

Experience the mysticism of this cinematic, story-driven first-person and third-person shooter game as you explore the depths of the enigmatic Monad facility and beyond. Prepare to face enemies and bosses that range from the familiar to the inexplicable, immersing yourself in a rollercoaster of cosmic horror.

Quantum Error utilizes the power of Unreal Engine 5 to deliver stunning visuals. The Global Illumination feature brings lifelike shadows, reflections, and impressive lighting to the dark and eerie environments. Nanite technology enhances geometrical detail, while the soundscape creates immersive and realistic audio environments.

The game takes full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s features, offering a truly immersive experience. Haptic Feedback allows players to feel the intensity of firefighting, the resistance of tools, and the flames themselves. Adaptive Triggers amplify the tension by providing resistance and vibration. The controller’s microphone even plays a role during CPR sequences, and the SSD enables near-instant loading times for seamless gameplay. Immerse yourself in chilling 3D audio that enhances the terror and excitement of Quantum Error.

Quantum Error is set to launch for PlayStation 5 on November 3, with releases for Xbox Series and PC planned for a later date. Players who pre-order the game digitally will gain early access starting on October 31.

Don’t miss out on this cosmic journey into horror. Watch the spine-chilling launch trailer below.


When will Quantum Error be released?

Quantum Error is set to be released for PlayStation 5 on November 3, followed by releases for Xbox Series and PC at a later date.

What is the gameplay like in Quantum Error?

Quantum Error is a first-person and third-person shooter game with a strong emphasis on story. Players will explore the Monad facility and beyond, encountering enemies and bosses from both familiar and otherworldly realms.

What features does Quantum Error utilize in Unreal Engine 5?

Quantum Error utilizes Unreal Engine 5’s Global Illumination feature for striking visuals, Nanite technology for increased geometric detail, and a soundscape system to create immersive and realistic environments.

What features are available specifically for PlayStation 5 players?

PlayStation 5 players can expect to experience haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, controller microphone integration, near-instant loading times, and 3D audio in Quantum Error. These features aim to enhance immersion and provide a truly immersive gameplay experience.