QI Solutions Unveils Revolutionary Technology to Detect Landmines

QI Solutions, the federal subsidiary of Quantum Computing Inc., has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the fight against landmines and unexploded ordnances (UXOs). In recent field tests conducted at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Fire and Explosives, Forensic Investigation, Training and Research, QI Solutions demonstrated the unprecedented capability of its Quantum Photonic Detection and Ranging Variant 3 (VX3) sensor to detect landmines up to 2.5 feet below dense underground surfaces.

The VX3 sensor utilizes Quantum Single Photon Detection (QSPD) technology to detect landmines and UXOs. By emitting high-speed, low-power optical pulses at an eye-safe wavelength, the sensor can illuminate a remote target and measure the returning photons in a single quantum mode. This innovative approach significantly reduces ambient noise and provides robust operation in complex daytime environments. Furthermore, the sensor’s ability to measure mechanical and chemical states of targets at a distance, such as nanometer-scale vibrations, allows for precise detection.

Landmines pose a significant threat to innocent civilians, with around 1,000 to 2,000 people being killed or maimed by these devices every month. Clearing existing minefields often relies on the dangerous work of “human detectors,” and it is estimated that it would take approximately 1,100 years to eliminate all the world’s current active landmines. QI Solutions’ VX3 sensor offers a potential solution to this ongoing issue.

QI Solutions collaborated with experts from various organizations to conduct the validation tests. The tests involved a comprehensive field seeded with a variety of items, including landmines, UXOs, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). With the successful validation of the QpDAR mine detection technology, QI Solutions has garnered significant interest globally. NATO, the Department of State, and multiple countries in Europe and Southeast Asia are actively engaging with the company to deploy this groundbreaking technology in humanitarian mine clearance and explosive ordnance disposal operations.

The results of the field tests have exceeded expectations, positioning QI Solutions as a trailblazer in the field of quantum sensing. The company envisions bringing many more innovative solutions to market, addressing real-world problems and providing safer and more efficient ways to combat explosive remnants of war.

Q: How deep can the VX3 sensor detect landmines?
A: The VX3 sensor can detect landmines up to 2.5 feet below dense underground surfaces.
Q: What technology does the VX3 sensor use?
A: The VX3 sensor utilizes Quantum Single Photon Detection (QSPD) technology.
Q: What is the significance of this technology?
A: This technology has the potential to accelerate humanitarian mine clearance and explosive ordnance disposal operations, ultimately saving lives and reducing the impact of landmines worldwide.