Phenom AI Day Sets the Stage for Transformative Applications of Artificial Intelligence in HR

Phenom, a leading provider of AI-powered talent experiences, is spearheading AI Day to chart the course for AI’s role in revolutionizing the HR industry. The event, which will be held on September 14, promises to unveil groundbreaking advancements and explore how AI can empower organizations to hire more efficiently, develop talent effectively, and improve employee retention.

At AI Day, industry experts will delve deep into various types of AI, including generative AI, and discuss the data models that power AI applications for HR. Attendees will gain insights into how AI impacts candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, HR teams, and HRIS teams, and the multitude of applications and use cases across industries.

One of the key focuses of AI Day will be understanding and addressing bias, ethics, and regulatory compliance in AI applications. Phenom aims to dispel ambiguity and fear surrounding AI by highlighting explainable and defensible approaches to navigate global and local regulations.

The event will also shed light on integrations that streamline data into AI models, offering HRIS teams centralized access to critical data and providing controls to fine-tune the application of AI.

With over a decade of experience in AI development, Phenom has established itself as a leader in the field by interpreting billions of human interactions to refine its AI models. The Intelligent Talent Experience platform developed by Phenom brings personalization, automation, and insights to every stage of the talent journey. This platform helps organizations overcome hiring and retention challenges by transforming talent acquisition and management, monitoring talent lifecycle performance with automation, and adopting a skills-based approach to employee engagement.

By participating in AI Day, organizations can gain an in-depth understanding of AI solutions and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging AI for HR functions.


What is AI Day?

AI Day is an event hosted by Phenom that explores the transformative applications of artificial intelligence in the HR industry. It brings together industry experts to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in AI and how it can empower organizations to improve hiring, talent development, and employee retention.

What topics will be covered at AI Day?

AI Day will cover a range of topics, including the data models powering HR technology, the impact of AI across industries, addressing bias, ethics, and regulatory compliance in AI, and integrations that streamline data for AI applications.

What does Phenom offer in terms of AI-powered talent experiences?

Phenom offers an Intelligent Talent Experience platform that delivers personalization, automation, and insights throughout the entire talent journey. Their AI-powered solutions help organizations transform talent acquisition and management, monitor talent lifecycle performance, and adopt a skills-based approach to employee engagement.

How can organizations benefit from participating in AI Day?

By participating in AI Day, organizations can stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in AI for HR. They can gain insights into how AI can help improve hiring, talent development, and employee retention, and learn about best practices for implementing AI solutions while ensuring ethical and regulatory compliance.