OpenAI Launches Android Version of ChatGPT App

OpenAI LP has announced the launch of an Android version of its artificial intelligence assistant, ChatGPT. The Android app is currently available for users in the U.S, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil, with availability expanding to more countries in the next week. The iOS version of ChatGPT was previously available for download in over 150 countries.

OpenAI’s decision to release ChatGPT on Android was expected, as the company had disclosed plans to add support for the operating system after launching the iOS app. Last week, a listing for the Android client was created in Google’s Play Store, allowing users to preregister for the app.

Both the iOS and Android versions of ChatGPT can be accessed for free, but users have the option to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month. The subscription includes faster chatbot response times and priority access to updates.

The Android app offers the same features as its iOS counterpart, including chat history synchronization across multiple devices and the ability to interact with ChatGPT using voice commands powered by OpenAI’s Whisper open-source speech recognition model.

ChatGPT was initially powered by the GPT-3.5 neural network when it launched in December. OpenAI has since upgraded the chatbot service to its latest model, GPT-4. Compared to its predecessor, GPT-4 can interpret user instructions more accurately and is less prone to AI hallucinations.

GPT-4 also introduces the capability to take images as input. For example, a user can upload a photo of a street sign and ask the model to translate the text it contains. However, this image input feature is not yet available in the Android and iOS versions of ChatGPT, but may be introduced in future updates.

In addition, OpenAI may eventually add support for ChatGPT Business, a paid edition of the chatbot designed for enterprises requiring user management features and professionals who need more control over their data. OpenAI previewed ChatGPT Business earlier this year and plans to launch it within a few months.

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