Introducing Argenti: The Knight of Beauty in Honkai: Star Rail’s Latest Update

Honkai: Star Rail, developed by HoYoverse, is set to release its version 1.5 update in early November, and players are in for a treat with the addition of a new 5-star character – Argenti, the Knight of Beauty. With his flaming red hair and noble appearance, Argenti embodies the essence of the Knights of Beauty, a group dedicated to the vanished Aeon of Beauty, Idrila.

Argenti, who wields the Physical element, follows the path of Erudition and specializes in dealing area-of-effect damage. As the game’s sixth Erudition character, Argenti brings a refreshing twist by being the first to utilize the Physical element within that path.

While not much is known about the Knights of Beauty, they are described as a group of “classic knights” who travel the cosmos, upholding the honorable name of their missing Aeon. Argenti, in particular, is known for wielding a spear and initiating battles in a pious manner, often encouraging his opponents to yield willingly.

Although players have yet to witness Argenti in action, he and the other Knights of Beauty are expected to assist players in one of the Reward Domains of the Swarm Disaster in the Simulated Universe. This exciting addition brings an extra layer of depth and excitement to the game.

It’s worth noting that Argenti will be voiced by Adam Michael Gold, who is also lending his voice to Tail, the heliobus sealed within another 5-star character, Huohuo. Voice actors for other dubs include Tachibana Shinnosuke for the Japanese dub, Liang Dawei for the Chinese dub, and Choi Seung-hoon for the Korean dub.

As the release date of version 1.5 approaches, players can look forward to the first half featuring Huohuo as the featured 5-star character, and Argenti taking the spotlight in the second half. Additionally, fans can anticipate the unveiling of a new 4-star character tomorrow.

For more information on the upcoming content and character reveals, fans can watch the version preview livestream on Friday (29 September). Honkai: Star Rail’s previous version, 1.4, introduced three new characters: the 5-stars Jingliu and Topaz, as well as the 4-star Guinaifen.

Stay tuned as HoYoverse continues to delight fans with exciting updates and additions to Honkai: Star Rail. The future is looking bright for this immersive gaming experience.

Q: Who is Argenti?
A: Argenti is the Knight of Beauty, a new 5-star character coming in Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.5 update. He wields the Physical element and follows the path of Erudition.

Q: What are the Knights of Beauty?
A: The Knights of Beauty are a group of “classic knights” in Honkai: Star Rail who honor the vanished Aeon of Beauty, Idrila.

Q: When will version 1.5 of Honkai: Star Rail be released?
A: The version 1.5 update is set to launch in early November.

Q: Who will voice Argenti?
A: Argenti will be voiced by Adam Michael Gold.