Introducing New Productivity Features for Slack

Slack has recently unveiled a range of advanced productivity tools designed to optimize collaboration and streamline workflows. The new features include Slack AI, Slack lists, and enhanced automation capabilities, all aimed at transforming the way teams work together.

One of the highlights is Slack AI, which is seamlessly integrated into the platform’s conversational interface. With channel recaps, users can easily catch up on the highlights of a Slack channel, making it easier to draft status reports and extract important information from feedback channels. Thread summaries allow users to quickly get up to speed on lengthy discussions, ensuring that they don’t miss any crucial details. Additionally, search answers leverage conversational data to provide users with AI-generated summaries and relevant search results.

Slack lists, another powerful feature, provide users with a centralized hub to track work tasks, manage projects, and oversee requests. With dedicated threads for each project item, it’s simple to collaborate and clarify details within teams. The feature also allows users to track dependencies, monitor progress, and streamline collaboration by keeping team members informed through notifications.

The new automation capabilities empower users to automate specific tasks without requiring coding expertise. The Taskflow Builder enables easy integration of tools and provides a hub for quick and efficient access. Developers can also build and deploy custom apps hosted in Slack, eliminating the need for infrastructure costs. This new automation hub enables users to find and access automation in one place, making it easier to implement and streamline processes.

Slack remains committed to data privacy, ensuring that customer data is not shared with third parties or used to train AI models. This commitment ensures that users can leverage the power of AI and automation while maintaining control over their data.

With these new productivity features, Slack continues to provide customers with a collaborative and intelligent platform that enhances efficiency and empowers teams to do their best work.


**Q: What is Slack AI?**
A: Slack AI is a native feature within the Slack platform that offers tools such as channel recaps, thread summaries, and search answers to enhance productivity and streamline collaboration.

**Q: What are Slack lists?**
A: Slack lists are a feature that allows users to track work tasks, manage projects, and oversee requests in a centralized hub, providing clear communication and collaboration within teams.

**Q: What are the new automation capabilities of Slack?**
A: The new automation capabilities in Slack empower users to automate specific tasks without coding expertise. The Taskflow Builder and custom app hosting make it easier for users to build workflows and automate processes.

**Q: How does Slack ensure data privacy?**
A: Slack does not send customer data to third parties or use it to train AI models, ensuring that customer data remains private and secure.

**Q: When will these new features be available?**
A: Slack AI and Slack lists will be available in pilot this winter, with Slack AI scheduled for general availability in 2024. The new automation hub is available now, and the Workflow Builder is available on paid plans.

**Q: How much does Slack Sales Elevate cost?**
A: Slack Sales Elevate is priced at $60 per user per month and is available for customers of Slack Business+ plans and above, as well as Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Sales Cloud versions.

(Source: Slack (URL of domain))