New Technologies Accelerate the Expansion of Autonomous Systems

Fixposition AG, a Swiss company specializing in high-precision global positioning solutions, is revolutionizing the field of autonomous systems with the integration of Topnet Live, a reliable and accurate GNSS correction service. By combining centimeter-accurate GNSS with vision-based collision avoidance systems, Fixposition is making affordable and scalable autonomy solutions accessible to a wider range of applications and users.

Previously, achieving precise positioning in GNSS-challenged environments was a major hurdle for autonomous systems. However, Fixposition’s vision fusion technology seamlessly takes over when GNSS signals are disrupted, ensuring the maintenance of global positioning accuracy. This capability truly reflects the company’s mantra: “precise global position, everywhere.”

In order to provide top-of-the-line services, Fixposition recognized the importance of high-quality corrections. After thorough testing and customer feedback, they identified the key needs of their clients in the autonomous systems industry. First and foremost, centimeter-level accuracy is crucial for their customers, as decimeter-level precision simply doesn’t cut it. Additionally, these customers require quick convergence time and global coverage at an affordable price.

Topnet Live, with its extensive GNSS base station network in Europe and North America, meets all of these requirements. It not only provides the high-quality corrections that Fixposition’s clients demand but also offers seamless coverage across state boundaries, eliminating any operational complications.

By leveraging Topnet Live, Fixposition’s customers have been able to extend the boundaries of precise operation to areas that were previously inaccessible. One such client is Greenzie, a leading software company specializing in fully autonomous commercial lawnmowers and industrial equipment. The CEO of Greenzie, Charles Brian Quinn, praised Fixposition’s device for its outstanding performance in achieving globally accurate positioning, even in challenging conditions such as overhanging trees.

Fixposition’s success in expanding the scope of autonomous systems reflects the changing landscape of the market. As the demand for autonomous products grows in the consumer sector, especially in areas like micro mobility and ground-based delivery robots, affordability and precision become essential factors. Fixposition’s cost-effective positioning solution, powered by Topnet Live, is making autonomous systems accessible to a much wider mass-market user segment.

While the professional user segments, such as self-driving cars, require absolute stability and safety, the consumer market can benefit from more affordable and flexible solutions. With clearly delimited and controlled environments, consumer autonomy can be relatively safe and easily achievable, with the right collision avoidance systems and motion planning algorithms in place.

As Fixposition continues to push the boundaries of autonomous systems, the possibilities for their application in various industries and everyday life are growing. With the integration of advanced technologies and precise positioning solutions, autonomous systems are set to become more prevalent, accessible, and reliable than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GNSS?

GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System, a satellite-based navigation system that provides accurate positioning, navigation, and timing services worldwide. It includes systems such as GPS (Global Positioning System), GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou.

What are GNSS corrections?

GNSS corrections are necessary to improve the accuracy of positioning data obtained from satellite signals. These corrections account for various error sources, such as atmospheric delays and satellite orbit deviations, to provide more precise location information.

What is vision fusion in autonomous systems?

Vision fusion refers to the integration of computer vision techniques with other sensor data, such as GNSS signals, to enhance the perception and navigation capabilities of autonomous systems. By fusing visual information with other sensory inputs, autonomous systems can accurately perceive their surroundings and make informed decisions.

What is Topnet Live?

Topnet Live is a GNSS correction service that offers high-quality corrections for precise positioning. It operates through a vast base station network in Europe and North America, providing centimeter-level accuracy and fast convergence time to users.

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