McLaren to Feature AI-Generated Livery for Formula E Finale

McLaren will showcase an artificial intelligence-generated livery on their electric cars for the upcoming London Formula E title-decider. The Saudi-backed team asserts that this is a first-of-its-kind development in motorsport. The AI-generated artwork, created to commemorate McLaren’s 60th anniversary, involved processing the input from drivers Rene Rast and Jake Hughes, as well as four members of sponsor NEOM’s graduate development program, using text-to-image AI technology. The resulting visuals were then combined using image-to-image AI and applied to the car’s exterior.

This marks a significant milestone, as it is the first time such AI-generated artwork will be featured in an FIA-accredited world championship event. Formula E is set to crown a new champion this year, with Jake Dennis of Avalanche Andretti currently leading the championship by 24 points over Nick Cassidy of Envision Racing. The final two races, taking place in London’s Docklands, will determine who will be crowned the champion.

Should Jake Dennis emerge victorious, he would become the first British world champion in Formula E’s electric city-based series. On the other hand, Nick Cassidy would become the first New Zealander to claim the championship title. The outcome of these races will shape the history of the sport.

McLaren’s innovative use of AI in generating their livery demonstrates their commitment to pushing boundaries in both technology and motorsport. As Formula E continues to grow and evolve, it is exciting to witness the integration of AI and the impact it has on the sport’s aesthetics.