Mass. General Hospital Receives Record-Breaking Donation for Cancer Research

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has recently announced that it has received the largest gift in its history to advance cancer research. The generous donation comes from philanthropists Jason and Keely Krantz, who are passionate about supporting medical advancements.

The Krantz Family Center for Cancer Research

As a testament to their commitment, MGH has decided to rename its Center for Cancer Research as the Krantz Family Center for Cancer Research. This new title acknowledges the profound impact that the couple’s gift will have on cancer research initiatives at the hospital.

Financial Support and Awards

While the exact monetary amount of the donation remains undisclosed, MGH has revealed that it includes significant annual funding for collaborative research projects, advanced laboratory technologies, and the establishment of an endowment to ensure long-term sustainability.

The comprehensive gift encompasses several awards aimed at accelerating the progress of cancer research. The Quantum Awards, with funding of up to $2 million, support treatment research. The Breakthrough Awards, with funding of up to $1 million, aim to expedite promising scientific concepts. Lastly, the Spark Awards, with a grant of $100,000, stimulate innovative and thought-provoking ideas.

Maximizing Impact through Collaboration

Keely Krantz highlighted the crucial importance of supporting cancer research, emphasizing the need for extensive involvement to drive advancements. By inspiring others to contribute, the couple hopes to expedite breakthroughs not only at MGH but also in cancer centers worldwide.

Addressing Research Challenges

Jason Krantz emphasized that while significant progress has been made in cancer research over the past decade, there is still much work to be done. The Krantz family’s objective is to assist Mass General Cancer Center researchers by providing the necessary support to overcome obstacles and pursue their most innovative ideas.

A Landmark Donation

This donation from Jason and Keely Krantz marks a historic moment for the Mass General Cancer Center. The couple’s contribution is not only the largest in the center’s 34-year history but also the most substantial “cancer research-directed gift” ever received by MGH since its establishment in 1821.

Looking Towards the Future

David F. M. Brown, President of MGH, commended the Krantz family’s exceptional gift, emphasizing the critical role of fundamental research in medical progress. With this remarkable donation, MGH will continue its ongoing fight against cancer, working tirelessly to provide knowledge and solutions to patients worldwide.


Q: What is the Krantz Family Center for Cancer Research?
A: It is the newly renamed center at Massachusetts General Hospital dedicated to cancer research, made possible by the largest donation in the hospital’s history from philanthropists Jason and Keely Krantz.

Q: What are the different awards included in the donation?
A: The donation includes Quantum Awards (up to $2 million), Breakthrough Awards (up to $1 million), and Spark Awards ($100,000) for various aspects of cancer research.

Q: What is the objective of the Krantz family’s donation?
A: The Krantzes aim to significantly advance cancer research by providing support for innovative ideas and accelerating breakthroughs at Mass General Cancer Center and other cancer centers globally.

Q: How significant is this donation?
A: This donation is the largest ever received by the Mass General Cancer Center and the most substantial “cancer research-directed gift” in the entire history of Massachusetts General Hospital.