Local Kids Explore AI Technology at Greenville Summer Camp

Building Hope Community Life Center, a local non-profit organization, recently organized a summer camp in Greenville, North Carolina, where children had the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI). The camp aimed to teach kids how to utilize various media tools to create music and other videos.

During the camp, the young participants used AI tools to produce videos that incorporated music, lyrics, green screens, and other media elements. These videos will be entered into a competition, with winners being announced the following day.

To ensure the success of their projects, the students received guidance from digital media professionals and video producers who led the camp activities. Their expertise helped steer the participants’ ideas and creations in the right direction.

The brainchild behind this AI summer camp is BJ Emerson, the owner of Buzzadelic, a local business. Emerson developed the camp with the intention of providing valuable learning experiences to the summer campers. By introducing them to AI technology, he aimed to inspire them to explore its creative possibilities and develop new skills.

The summer camp at Building Hope Community Life Center not only offers children a chance to have fun but also exposes them to cutting-edge technology. These experiences have the potential to shape their interests and future career paths.