Leading the Next Wave of Engineering: RapDev Introduces Digi, an AI-integrated ServiceNow Digital Developer

RapDev, an Elite ServiceNow engineering consultancy, has released Digi, an open-source Coding Assistant for ServiceNow. Digi is designed to provide ServiceNow developers with a GitHub co-pilot experience, making code generation and debugging effortless.

The goal of Digi is to make ServiceNow seamless for modern, ephemeral, and cloud-first tech stacks. It offers a flexible and configurable framework that leverages AI to automate testing and debugging. This allows developers to spend less time writing code and more time innovating with ServiceNow.

Some key features of Digi include the ability to connect to popular models or AI engines, customization options for prompts and messages to the AI engine, complete traceability for every AI action performed on the platform, and the ability to validate changes before implementation.

Digi works by allowing ServiceNow developers to submit a statement, which then returns an AI-generated block of code that can be easily inserted into any ServiceNow development scripts. This saves developers time that would otherwise be spent on manual development.

Looking ahead, RapDev has plans to streamline the preparation of structured pre-training data, offer Infrastructure-as-Code for a plug-and-play Starcoder stack, enable Digi to build solutions based on Automated Test Framework tests, and extend Digi’s use cases beyond code generation to provide contextual insights for workflow creation, ticket handling, and incident analysis.

RapDev invites all ServiceNow developers to access Digi on GitHub, star the repo, and collaborate with the project team. They also encourage developers to attend quarterly architectural board meetings to discuss the future of AI on ServiceNow.

RapDev, founded in 2019, is a leading partner for cloud-native software implementations of ServiceNow and Datadog at Fortune 1000 organizations. They specialize in optimizing software release cycles and ensuring availability for cloud-native applications, guiding organizations through their DevOps transformations.