Jio Haptik WhatsApp chatbot: Revolutionizing the 5G Connection Request Process

Reliance Jio’s 5G network has swiftly expanded its reach across 236 cities in India, with promises of further expansion by the end of 2023. Alongside its robust network, Jio has teamed up with Haptik, a conversational customer relationship management platform, to launch a game-changing WhatsApp chatbot called Jio Haptik. This innovative chatbot allows users to effortlessly request 5G connections, streamlining the process with personalized options suited to their device compatibility and location.

Unlike traditional methods of requesting a 5G connection, which often involve complicated forms and manual verification processes, Jio Haptik simplifies things with a dynamic menu that offers various choices to users. These options include selecting postpaid or prepaid plans, choosing the right device, specifying location, and even managing outages based on their pin code. To accommodate a diverse user base, the chatbot supports multiple languages including English, Hindi, and Marathi.

One remarkable feature of Jio Haptik is its proactive messaging capability. This enables Jio to reach out and engage with both existing and potential users, informing them about the launch of the 5G services and encouraging adoption of the latest network technology. Through Haptik’s recently introduced Click-to-Haptik feature, Jio can even run targeted advertisements on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These ads not only raise awareness about the benefits of 5G but also initiate conversations with interested WhatsApp users, facilitating the process of purchasing 5G connections.

In a statement to The Economic Times, Aakrit Vaish, the co-founder and CEO of Haptik, expressed that their chatbot solution aims to serve the needs of the vast customer base migrating to Jio True 5G. The solution covers every step of the customer journey, from eligibility checks to lead collection, sim delivery, device shopping, and post-sales support.

With Jio’s 5G network already active in over 96% of the census towns across India, the introduction of the Jio Haptik WhatsApp chatbot marks a significant milestone in simplifying the process of requesting and obtaining 5G connections. It is an example of how technological advancements can revolutionize customer experiences, making the transition to advanced networks faster, more convenient, and accessible to millions of users.


1. Can I request a 5G connection through the Jio Haptik WhatsApp chatbot?

Yes, the Jio Haptik chatbot allows users to request 5G connections based on their device compatibility and geographical proximity.

2. What languages does the Jio Haptik chatbot support?

The chatbot supports English and other Indian languages like Hindi and Marathi, ensuring a wide user base can access its services.

3. How does the proactive messaging feature of the chatbot help Jio?

The proactive messaging feature enables Jio to proactively engage with users, informing them about the launch of 5G services and encouraging adoption of the latest network technology.

4. How does Jio use the Click-to-Haptik feature for advertising?

With the Click-to-Haptik feature, Jio can run targeted advertisements on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, initiating conversations with WhatsApp users interested in purchasing 5G connections.

5. How extensive is Jio’s 5G network coverage in India?

Jio’s 5G network is already active in over 96% of the census towns across India, making it widely accessible to a large portion of the population.