If You Know What an AI Manager Is, Netflix Just Might Hire You for $900,000

Netflix is currently hiring a new AI manager position with a salary range of at least $300,000. The official title of the position is Product Manager – Machine Learning Platform. One of the key objectives of the position is to “define the strategic vision for [the machine learning platform].” Qualifications include experience working with a centralized machine learning platform, the ability to collaborate with and lead Netflix’s engineers, and written communication and strategic thinking skills.

With over 230 million members in over 190 countries, Netflix sees machine learning and artificial intelligence as powering innovation in all areas of their business. They use AI to buy and create content, personalize recommendations for members, and optimize payment processing and revenue-focused initiatives.

This is one of the first times that Netflix has put such a high salary on the table for an AI-related position. In the past, they have used algorithms to change program thumbnails based on user viewing habits and employed rudimentary AI for content recommendations. It is unclear whether this product manager position will work with AI on the backend or in a closer-to-production application.

In the entertainment industry, AI in television and film has become a contentious issue. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are currently on strike over the use of technology like AI. WGA is striking over studios’ plans to use chatbots to cut back on human labor, while SAG is protesting the use of facial scanning technology on background actors. It is worth noting that the average annual salary of an actor is around $47,000 a year.

It is interesting to see where Netflix is allocating its resources and priorities in relation to AI and machine learning.