New Analyst Calls: Nvidia, Apple, Tesla, Nio, SoFi, Amgen, Chewy, Toast, and More

UBS Upgrades Toast, Models Ongoing Shift to Integrated Software Solutions for Restaurants

In a recent analyst call, UBS upgraded Toast, a restaurant tech company, from neutral to buy. UBS believes that Toast has proven itself as a top provider in the restaurant industry, particularly with its ability to capture the ongoing shift from legacy technology to omni-channel, integrated software solutions[^1^]. This upgrade highlights Toast’s potential to revolutionize the way restaurants operate and adapt to the modern digital landscape.

Baird Initiates Lucid as Neutral, Citing Challenging Near-Term Setup

The analysts at Baird initiated Lucid, an electric vehicle (EV) maker, with a neutral rating. While Baird recognizes that Lucid’s performance has been impressive, they believe that high starting prices and a niche market segment create a challenging near-term setup[^1^]. This perspective sheds light on the obstacles facing EV companies as they strive to make their products affordable and accessible to a wider consumer base.

Goldman Sachs Reiterates Buy Rating for Nvidia, Foresees Strong Earnings Growth

Goldman Sachs reaffirmed its buy rating for Nvidia, a leading semiconductor company. The analysts emphasized that their positive outlook is based on Nvidia’s strong earnings power, which they estimate to be $11.00 per share, coupled with a target multiple of 55x[^1^]. This reaffirmation underscores the expectation of continued success and growth for Nvidia.

William Blair Identifies the Trade Desk’s Unique Offering, Forecasts Success

In a recent initiation report, William Blair highlighted the differentiated offering of The Trade Desk, an ad tech company. The analysts pointed out that The Trade Desk’s proprietary platform, with its various features designed to enhance client experiences, sets the company apart from its competitors[^1^]. This recognition suggests that The Trade Desk has a competitive advantage in the ad tech industry.

Argus Upgrades Chewy, Favors Promising Future in the Online Pet Market

Argus upgraded Chewy, an online pet company, from hold to buy. Argus believes that Chewy is well positioned for success in the coming quarters, despite recent underperformance[^1^]. This upgrade reflects the positive outlook for Chewy, indicating that it may thrive in the online pet market.

HSBC Commends Business Transformations of Amgen and Biogen

HSBC initiated Amgen and Biogen, two biopharmaceutical companies, with buy ratings. The analysts highlighted the ongoing transformations within these companies, acknowledging their potential for long-term growth and success[^1^]. This assessment underscores the importance of adaptability and innovation in the biopharma industry.


1. What was UBS’s call on Toast?
UBS upgraded Toast from neutral to buy, recognizing its position as a top provider in the restaurant tech industry.

2. How did Baird assess Lucid?
Baird initiated Lucid with a neutral rating, citing challenges related to high starting prices and a niche market segment.

3. What did Goldman Sachs reiterate for Nvidia?
Goldman Sachs maintained its buy rating for Nvidia, emphasizing the strong earnings growth potential of the company.

4. What differentiated offering did William Blair identify in The Trade Desk?
William Blair highlighted The Trade Desk’s proprietary platform, which offers various features to improve client experiences.

5. Why did Argus upgrade Chewy?
Argus upgraded Chewy based on its favorable positioning and potential for success in the future.

6. Which companies did HSBC initiate with buy ratings?
HSBC initiated Amgen and Biogen with buy ratings, acknowledging their transformative business strategies.