Gomboc.ai Secures $5.2 Million to Revolutionize Cloud Infrastructure Remediation

Gomboc.ai, a groundbreaking cloud infrastructure remediation platform, has successfully raised $5.2 million in its recent Seed round funding. The investment, led by Glilot Capital and Hetz Ventures with participation from strategic angel investors, validates the company’s mission to transform the way organizations address and resolve cloud security and DevOps challenges.

Unlike traditional security platforms that merely identify issues and their importance, Gomboc.ai’s deterministic AI-driven approach immediately provides context-aware remediations. By utilizing AI technology, the platform presents precise solutions to DevOps teams for approval, alleviating the burden of manual remediation and accelerating the deployment of fixes.

“We are delivering on the promise of true remediation,” affirmed Ian Amit, Co-Founder and CEO of Gomboc.ai. “Our goal is to empower security and DevOps teams by offering immediate, context-aware remediations that can be seamlessly integrated into their workflow.”

Gomboc.ai has developed a powerful deterministic AI engine that generates secure infrastructure-as-code with unrivaled precision. Propelled by nightly training and a comprehensive understanding of cloud providers, the engine streamlines the enforcement of cloud security policies and enables DevOps teams to swiftly implement remediations.

One of Gomboc.ai’s key advantages is its ability to address common pain points in cloud security and remediation. The platform efficiently addresses backlogs and significantly reduces the learning curve by seamlessly working with popular infrastructure-as-code frameworks. Moreover, it ensures the production of accurate code that adheres to specific cloud environments, thanks to its deterministic AI capabilities.

Kobi Samboursky, Founder and Managing Partner at Glilot Capital Partners, praised Gomboc.ai for its innovative approach to cloud security and AI. Samboursky believes that Gomboc.ai’s strategy will be indispensable for every Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in the future, providing an effective solution to the longstanding challenges faced by security and DevOps teams.

As Gomboc.ai continues to advance its product development, this significant funding will enable the company to expand its reach, establish a strong market presence, and meet the growing demand for its groundbreaking platform.


1. What is Gomboc.ai?

Gomboc.ai is a cloud infrastructure remediation platform powered by deterministic AI. It offers context-aware remediations to security and DevOps teams, revolutionizing the way cloud security issues are addressed.

2. How does Gomboc.ai accelerate remediations?

By utilizing AI technology, Gomboc.ai delivers immediate context-aware remediations to DevOps teams for approval. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual remediation processes and expedites the deployment of fixes.

3. How does Gomboc.ai ensure secure infrastructure-as-code?

Gomboc.ai has developed a deterministic AI engine that is trained nightly and possesses an up-to-date understanding of various cloud providers. This engine allows the platform to enforce cloud security policies and generate precise and secure infrastructure-as-code.

4. What benefits does Gomboc.ai offer?

Gomboc.ai streamlines the remediation process, reduces learning curves for DevOps teams, and produces accurate code that adheres to specific cloud environments. Additionally, it helps alleviate the challenges faced by security and DevOps teams, making it an invaluable tool for CISOs.

5. Who are the investors in Gomboc.ai?

Gomboc.ai’s recent Seed round funding of $5.2 million was led by Glilot Capital and Hetz Ventures, with participation from strategic angel investors.

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