George R.R. Martin Raises Concerns About AI in Film and Media

In the ongoing dispute between actors and writers in the film and television industry, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a major point of contention. New Mexico’s thriving production industry is already feeling the impact of these strikes, and lawmakers were recently warned about the dangers of AI by writer George R.R. Martin.

As the author behind the popular series “Game of Thrones,” Martin highlighted the rapid advancements in AI technology, which have made actors and writers increasingly worried about the future of their professions. He explained that AI has the capability to write, animate, and produce entire films independently, raising concerns about the availability of jobs in the industry.

Martin emphasized that the threat posed by AI extends beyond actors and writers. Other professions could also be affected as AI continues to progress.

Actor Mel MacKaron shed light on how AI can copy actors’ faces and use them repetitively without compensating the actors for their work. Additionally, AI can rewrite scripts without giving credit or payment to the human authors. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG AFTRA) are not against AI in itself, but they are advocating for consent and fair compensation for actors and writers.

MacKaron added that the actions taken in New Mexico, known for its support of the creative arts, could have broader implications. This underscores the importance of addressing AI-related issues in the legislature.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth is already working with colleagues on potential AI-related legislation ahead of the 2024 session, with a particular focus on transparency concerns.