Fox Sports Expands Partnership with Google Cloud to Harness the Power of Generative AI

The sports industry continues to push boundaries in leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance viewer experiences and create innovative content. Fox Sports is at the forefront of this movement, expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to include generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This exciting collaboration allows Fox Sports to tap into its vast audio and video archives, using Google’s Vertex AI Vision platform to generate new content.

The advanced computer vision technology of the Vertex AI Vision platform enables Fox Sports to analyze large volumes of live sporting event data. It not only provides valuable insights into on-field action but also adds context and metadata to enhance the viewing experience. By cataloguing millions of hours of game footage, commentary, and still images, Fox Sports can now create fresh content for its TV shows, digital channels, social media, and marketing operations.

This expanded partnership builds upon Fox Sports’ previous collaboration with Google Cloud, which has seen the development of the Intelligent Asset Service (IAS) – an automated media management platform that revolutionized the way Fox handles its media assets. By harnessing Google Cloud’s video search, machine learning, and AI capabilities, Fox Sports has transformed its content management workflows, making it easier for its production teams to find relevant content swiftly.

Generative AI is the next frontier in content creation for the sports industry. It enables organizations like Fox Sports to explore entirely new forms of creative output. With a strong foundation in cloud-based infrastructure and machine learning algorithms, generative AI simplifies workflows, elevates broadcast quality, and drives engagement across digital platforms.


Q: What is generative AI?
A: Generative AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to generate new forms of content, leveraging large datasets and algorithms to create innovative and unique outputs.

Q: How has Fox Sports previously collaborated with Google Cloud?
A: Fox Sports has collaborated with Google Cloud to develop the Intelligent Asset Service (IAS), an automated media management platform that digitized Fox’s paper-and-tape based system.

Q: What other sports organizations are exploring generative AI?
A: IBM is deploying generative AI to create automated audio commentary for major golf and tennis tournaments, while others are using it to power digital assistants and automate marketing activities.

Q: How does generative AI benefit Fox Sports’ production teams?
A: Generative AI simplifies workflows for production teams by making it easier to find relevant content swiftly, leading to enhanced broadcast quality and improved viewer engagement.