New Deal Reached to Ensure Salaries for First Quantum Workers Amidst Ongoing Protests

Amidst intensifying protests and blockades against Canadian mining company First Quantum’s $10 billion copper mine project in Panama, the union representing the company’s local unit has successfully reached an agreement to secure salaries for workers who have been unable to work due to the disruptions. The protests have been ongoing for several weeks, with some demonstrators even blocking access to the mine site.

The union, acknowledging the significant impact these blockades have had on the livelihoods of approximately 7,000 Panamanian workers, highlighted their concern for the workers’ ability to sustain themselves and their families. In a statement, the union emphasized the need for workers to earn a dignified living and expressed satisfaction with the agreement that guarantees salaries during this challenging time.

Although specific details of the agreement were not mentioned in the statement, the union’s announcement signifies a positive step forward in addressing the immediate financial concerns of the affected workers.

First Quantum’s local unit, Minera Panama, has yet to provide an official comment on the agreement.

While protests and disruptions continue to impede the normal operations of the copper mine project, the agreement to safeguard workers’ salaries ensures that they will receive financial support during this difficult period. The ongoing blockades have prompted a reevaluation of the project’s impact on the local community and the environment, underscoring the importance of responsible and sustainable mining practices.

As the situation evolves, it remains crucial for all stakeholders involved to engage in constructive dialogue to address the concerns of both the affected workers and the protesters, forging a path towards a mutually beneficial resolution.


1. What is the main issue that triggered the protests against First Quantum in Panama?

The protests have been instigated by local communities and environmental activists who raise concerns over the potential socio-economic and environmental impact of First Quantum’s $10 billion copper mine project in Panama.

2. How many workers have been affected by the blockades?

Approximately 7,000 workers, all of whom are Panamanians, have been impacted by the blockades and have been unable to work.

3. What does the agreement between the union and First Quantum entail?

While specific details were not disclosed, the agreement assures workers that their salaries will be guaranteed despite the ongoing protests and disruptions.