New and Creative AI Ad Campaign Puts a Whimsical Twist on Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has taken a unique and imaginative approach to advertising by launching an AI-generated ad campaign on social media platform Reddit. The campaign, created by travel marketing company MMGY Global, features absurd and whimsical images aimed at capturing the attention of potential tourists.

The campaign’s focal point is the name “Mitarry Best,” a creative variation of Myrtle Beach. This unique name was generated by an AI text generator, resulting in garbled text on the campaign’s logo. The intention behind this approach was to break the rules of traditional design and showcase the creative capabilities of AI.

Images shared in the campaign include a smiling couple holding a lobster, with a disembodied hand pointing at the seafood. The background features floating lights, and the woman’s arm has impossible anatomy. According to the caption, AI recognized that the couple needed assistance in deshelling the crab, showing the thoughtfulness of AI in solving everyday problems.

MMGY Global collaborated with AI image creator Midjourney to generate the visually unconventional images. Designers provided descriptions to the AI, which then produced four images for each prompt. The designers adjusted their descriptions to achieve intentionally nonsensical visuals that would captivate viewers.

The Reddit thread also includes links to a dedicated webpage on the Visit Myrtle Beach website, featuring AI-generated descriptions of South Carolina’s attractions. These descriptions intentionally possess a whimsical and offbeat charm, adding to the overall theme of the campaign.

The campaign’s success can be seen through over 1,200 comments and 6,500 clicks to the Visit Myrtle Beach website in just over three weeks. While the campaign created a buzz on Reddit, it was not taken seriously by users, who embraced the lighthearted and imaginative approach.

To further engage with the audience, a website now sells Mitarry Best merchandise, including a baby onesie renamed “tiny human singular apparel” and swim trunks renamed “dude aquatic leg curtains.” The store has already made nearly $1,000 in sales, which will contribute to covering the campaign costs.

The Mitarry Best campaign showcases the potential of AI in the creative field and highlights Myrtle Beach’s commitment to innovative marketing strategies. By embracing the whimsical and unexpected, the campaign successfully captures attention and inspires curiosity among potential tourists.


What does AI stand for?

AI stands for artificial intelligence, which refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.

How were the images in the campaign created?

The campaign collaborated with an AI image creator called Midjourney. Designers provided descriptions to the AI, generating four unique images for each prompt. These images were intentionally modified to achieve unconventional and nonsensical visuals.

Was the campaign well-received?

The campaign garnered significant attention on Reddit, with over 1,200 comments and 6,500 clicks to the Visit Myrtle Beach website. While the campaign was not taken seriously, it successfully captured the imagination of viewers and sparked curiosity.