Equinix and Alice & Bob Partner to Accelerate Quantum Computing Transformation

Equinix, the global digital infrastructure company, has announced a strategic partnership with Alice & Bob, a leading quantum computing company. This collaboration aims to bring the power of quantum computing to businesses in the UK and around the world. By leveraging Alice & Bob’s cutting-edge quantum technology and Equinix’s secure and reliable digital infrastructure, customers can unlock new opportunities and drive innovation.

Quantum computing is a groundbreaking technology that has the potential to revolutionize various industries, from finance and cybersecurity to healthcare and sustainable energy. It enables users to tackle complex tasks such as simulation, optimization, machine learning, and cryptography at unprecedented speeds. With the ability to solve problems that would take classical computers thousands of years, quantum computers hold immense promise for the future.

Alice & Bob’s quantum processors are at the forefront of quantum computing research, offering a unique solution to computation errors. Their patented technology, known as the cat qubit, paves the way for fault-tolerant and universal gate-based quantum computing. This breakthrough makes quantum computing a decisive commercial advantage, accelerating innovation and future-proofing businesses.

Through Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric, customers can securely access Alice & Bob’s quantum computers, housed in their own on-premises data center. Equinix Metal provides on-demand, high-performance bare metal infrastructure that can be easily integrated with Equinix Fabric, enabling companies to deploy powerful infrastructure across global locations in minutes. This seamless integration empowers businesses to explore and experiment with quantum computing within their existing digital infrastructure while ensuring the highest level of security.

As the UK leads in quantum innovation, this partnership between Equinix and Alice & Bob will drive the adoption of quantum computing worldwide. It will empower companies from various industries to harness the transformative power of quantum computing and tackle the world’s most challenging problems.


Q: What is quantum computing?
A: Quantum computing is a transformative technology that allows users to complete computationally intensive tasks at unprecedented speeds, revolutionizing industries such as finance, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

Q: What is Alice & Bob’s quantum technology?
A: Alice & Bob has developed a unique quantum processor called the cat qubit, which offers a simplified path to fault-tolerant and universal gate-based quantum computing.

Q: How can customers access Alice & Bob’s quantum computers?
A: Equinix customers can securely access Alice & Bob’s quantum computers through Equinix Metal and Equinix Fabric, leveraging Equinix’s reliable digital infrastructure.

Q: What are the potential benefits of quantum computing?
A: Quantum computing has the potential to drive breakthrough innovations, accelerate scientific research, and solve problems that would take classical computers thousands of years to solve.

Q: Which industries can benefit from quantum computing?
A: Industries such as finance, healthcare, cybersecurity, sustainable energy, and many more stand to be radically transformed by the power of quantum computing.