Megawatt Charging and the Future of Commercial Vehicle Business: Insights from Kempower

Megawatt Charging and the Future of Commercial Vehicle Business: Insights from Kempower

Megawatt Charging and the Future of Commercial Vehicle Business: Insights from Kempower

Kempower, a leading provider of charging solutions for electric vehicles, is making substantial strides in expanding its operations and manufacturing facilities. The company, which currently manufactures on a 14,000 m2 site in Finland, has announced plans to double its production capacity with a new facility. In addition to the expansion in Finland, Kempower is also preparing for an expansion into the US market.

The new production factory in Finland will not only double the space but also enhance the company’s in-house research and development capabilities. Kempower is investing in a research center at LUT University in the Finnish town of Lahti to further strengthen its innovation capacities.

In the US, Kempower’s plant in Durham County, North Carolina, is scheduled to start producing DC chargers for electric vehicles before the year’s end. The company has committed to investing $41 million in the facility, partnering with the state of North Carolina for additional subsidies.

While Europe remains Kempower’s main market, the company acknowledges the potential of the US market, expecting it to reach a similar size as Europe. Kempower aims to deliver NEVI-compliant chargers made in America before the year’s end. Furthermore, Kempower sees Tesla as a strong standard in the future and aims to target Tesla drivers directly with its charging solutions.

Aside from expanding its manufacturing capabilities, Kempower is also focused on industry trends such as truck charging, user experience, and infrastructure optimization. The company has released a 400 kW charger for trucks and is working on establishing a Sweden-wide charging network for electric trucks. Kempower is also investing in high-powered hardware and opening WattHubs in various locations.

Kempower sees truck charging as a crucial element of its future strategy, particularly in the US market, where logistics heavily rely on trucks. The company aims to build its future on commercial truck charging, while also continuing to serve the public charging needs of electric vehicle owners.

In terms of industry standards, Kempower is actively involved in the development of a megawatt charging system compatible with the incoming MCS standard for truck charging in Europe. However, the timeline for implementation remains ambitious, with installations expected to begin before the finalization of the megawatt charging standard.

Overall, Kempower’s expansion plans and focus on meeting industry trends reflect the company’s commitment to shaping the future of commercial vehicle charging.


– Interview by Carla Westerheide at the Intercharge Conference ICNC in Berlin

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