The Marvels Introduces a New Artifact with Deep Marvel Comics Roots

Did ‘The Marvels’ just introduce the MCU’s next answer to the Infinity Stones? This question arises as the film deviates from the recent Multiverse Saga to bring back a familiar plot element – a search for powerful artifacts. In this case, the coveted items are the Quantum Bands, known as ancient artifacts of immense power in Marvel Comics history.

Unlike their origin in the comics, The Marvels reveals that the Quantum Bands are an old Kree legend. These bands were used to create a network of Jump Points that enable Kree ships to navigate through the cosmos. In the film, ubervillain Dar-Benn relentlessly pursues the bands, one of which is already on the wrist of Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel.

The Quantum Bands’ association with the Kree brings us closer to other significant events in the MCU. In particular, these artifacts could play a pivotal role in an Eternals sequel, potentially shedding light on the origins of Thanos and Eros. According to Marvel Comics lore, Kronos, an Eternal, transformed the Quantum Bands into wedding rings and bestowed them upon his son A’Lars and his bride Sui-San. This act enabled the couple, despite their artificial biology, to conceive children in the traditional manner. Thus, Thanos and Eros, the siblings with contrasting paths, were born.

Furthermore, in a clever tie-in to the MCU, the Quantum Bands are hinted to derive their power from the Quantum Realm, previously explored in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Although not explicitly stated in The Marvels, the connection to the Quantum Realm suggests their potential significance in future storylines. Just as the Quantum Realm played a crucial role in Avengers: Endgame, assisting in the defeat of Thanos, the Quantum Bands could prove instrumental in a future battle against adversaries like Kang in Avengers: Secret Wars.

The introduction of the Quantum Bands in The Marvels opens up a realm of possibilities for the MCU. With their rich Marvel Comics history and potential connections to various storylines and characters, these artifacts present a fresh avenue for exploration and excitement in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Q: What are the Quantum Bands?
A: The Quantum Bands are ancient artifacts of immense power in the Marvel Comics universe. In The Marvels, they are revealed to be an old Kree legend and sought after by the film’s antagonist.

Q: What is their origin in Marvel Comics?
A: In the comics, the Quantum Bands were created by Eon, the son of Eternity. They were worn by chosen champions known as the Protectors of the Universe, except for the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell.

Q: How could the Quantum Bands tie into future storylines?
A: The Quantum Bands could potentially influence future storylines, including an Eternals sequel exploring the origins of Thanos and Eros. Additionally, their connection to the Quantum Realm suggests their potential importance in upcoming battles against powerful adversaries.