J.B. Hunt and BNSF Introduce Quantum: Revolutionizing Intermodal Shipping

Fort Worth-based BNSF Railway and Arkansas’ J.B. Hunt Transport Services have partnered to launch an innovative intermodal service called Quantum. Aimed at meeting the service-sensitive freight needs of customer supply chains, Quantum combines the speed and agility of rail transportation with the consistency required for service-sensitive freight.

Unlike traditional intermodal services, Quantum provides customized solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. By aligning forecasts for dray, container, and rail capacity with customer needs, Quantum ensures faster and more consistent transits. Priority drayage and rail movement are integrated to optimize efficiency, resulting in up to 95% on-time delivery service, approximately one day faster than traditional intermodal services.

The Quantum team, comprised of operators from J.B. Hunt and BNSF, is based at the new Intermodal Innovation Center in Fort Worth. This integrated approach allows for seamless collaboration throughout the entire shipping process, from planning to execution and exception management. The team provides 24/7 oversight of every Quantum load, promptly addressing any issues that may arise.

With its flexible solutions, Quantum is equipped to handle complex supply chain challenges in real-time. Customers have access to multiple modes, including standard intermodal, expedited intermodal, and over-the-road options. Pricing is tailored to individual needs, positioning Quantum as a cost-effective solution that falls between traditional intermodal and over-the-road services.

The name “Quantum” pays homage to J.B. Hunt and BNSF’s historic collaboration in 1989 when they introduced the industry’s first modern intermodal transportation solution. This partnership led to significant industry advancements, including double-stacking containers and the establishment of company-owned chassis and express gates.

Quantum represents the next phase of progress in intermodal shipping, combining decades of experience with cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach. With its unmatched service and capacity, Quantum sets a new standard for intermodal efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Q: What is intermodal shipping?
A: Intermodal shipping involves the transportation of freight using multiple modes of transportation, typically combining rail and trucking.

Q: How does Quantum improve intermodal shipping?
A: Quantum offers customized solutions, faster transits, and 24/7 oversight, resulting in enhanced efficiency and on-time delivery performance.

Q: How does Quantum address supply chain challenges?
A: Quantum provides flexible solutions to address unexpected concerns such as delays or volume surges, ensuring that customer supply chains remain resilient.

Q: How does Quantum compare to traditional intermodal and over-the-road services?
A: Quantum offers a balance between cost savings and speed, positioning itself as a cost-effective alternative to both traditional intermodal and over-the-road services.