Satispay Partners with D-Wave to Revolutionize Customer Rewards Initiatives

LOS ANGELES, CA – November 03, 2023 – Satispay, the leading Italian fintech unicorn, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with D-Wave Quantum to transform its customer rewards initiatives. By harnessing the power of quantum computing, Satispay aims to optimize its rewards programs and attract more members.

Quantum computing, a cutting-edge technology that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics, offers superior computational capabilities compared to classical computers. D-Wave Quantum, a pioneer in the field, has developed the world’s first commercial quantum computer designed for business applications.

Using D-Wave’s constrained quadratic model (“CQM”) hybrid solver, the new application developed by the partnership has demonstrated a remarkable 50% improvement in the effectiveness of Satispay’s customer rewards programs. By identifying more efficient approaches, Satispay can achieve better outcomes while utilizing the same budget.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the fintech industry as quantum computing finds practical applications beyond theoretical research. Satispay anticipates that its internal teams will utilize the application on a weekly basis once it is fully integrated into production.

Quantum computing is revolutionizing various sectors by tackling complex computational problems at an unparalleled speed. As Satispay continues to innovate in the mobile payments space, its partnership with D-Wave Quantum positions the company at the forefront of this technological advancement.


1. What is quantum computing?
Quantum computing is a field of computing that utilizes quantum mechanics principles to perform computational tasks. It offers the potential for vastly superior computational power compared to classical computers, enabling the solving of complex problems more efficiently.

2. How does the Satispay-D-Wave partnership benefit customer rewards initiatives?
By leveraging D-Wave’s quantum computing capabilities, the partnership aims to optimize Satispay’s customer rewards programs. This optimization allows Satispay to achieve better outcomes and attract more members while maintaining the same budget.

3. What is D-Wave Quantum’s contribution to the partnership?
D-Wave Quantum brings expertise in quantum computing systems, software, and services. Their industry-leading quantum computer provides the computational power necessary to optimize Satispay’s customer rewards initiatives.