Coforge Launches Innovative AI Platform ‘Quasar’ to Revolutionize Enterprise Capabilities

Coforge, a leading IT company, has introduced a groundbreaking AI platform called ‘Quasar,’ aiming to transform the way businesses operate. In a significant move towards the integration of AI into enterprise processes, Quasar offers enhanced capabilities and a multitude of benefits for organizations.

At the core of Quasar lies a comprehensive library of over 100 APIs, carefully designed to facilitate seamless integration into various use cases. These APIs provide businesses with the flexibility to develop unique and innovative solutions, eliminating the need for reinvention. With an emphasis on modularity and scalability, Quasar stands out as a platform that encourages creativity and fosters innovation.

One of the key features that sets Quasar apart is its robust governance framework. The platform ensures accountability and control through process governance, API governance, and model governance. By adhering to the highest quality standards, Quasar guarantees the reliability and integrity of its operations.

Coforge understands the diverse infrastructure needs of modern businesses and offers two deployment options for Quasar. Organizations can either opt for a cloud-based setup, which provides scalability and flexibility, or choose an on-premise setup that prioritizes enhanced security protocols and controls.

Sudhir Singh, CEO and Executive Director of Coforge, envisions Quasar’s transformative potential. Singh believes that AI has the power to reshape every aspect of an organization, from customer service to finance. With Quasar, Coforge aims to enable its clients to fully utilize AI’s capabilities without limitations, facilitating rapid scalability and opening up limitless possibilities.

Coforge’s Quasar represents more than just an AI platform – it is a beacon for enterprises embracing the future of business. With its extensive library of APIs, emphasis on governance, and deployment flexibility, Quasar is set to redefine how businesses harness the power of AI.


What is Quasar?

Quasar is an innovative AI platform developed by Coforge, designed to enhance enterprise capabilities and integration of AI into business operations.

What sets Quasar apart?

Quasar stands out due to its comprehensive library of APIs, modular and scalable architectural design, and robust governance framework.

Can businesses develop unique solutions with Quasar?

Yes, Quasar provides businesses with the flexibility to craft unique solutions by leveraging its extensive library of APIs.

What deployment options does Quasar offer?

Coforge offers two deployment options for Quasar – a cloud-based setup for scalability and flexibility, and an on-premise setup for enhanced security protocols and controls.