ChatGPT Now Available for Android Users in India

Android users in India can now download and use the generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT from the Google Play Store. This makes India one of the select countries where ChatGPT is accessible for Android users. The app is also available in the US, Bangladesh, and Brazil.

ChatGPT, introduced by OpenAI’s founder Sam Altman in November last year, has gained significant popularity. Like the iOS version, Android users can engage with the generative AI to receive advice, answers, and other helpful responses. Voice requests are supported through OpenAI’s in-house speech recognition, allowing users to sync their chat history across devices and export data. The app is free and syncs chat history across devices.

While using ChatGPT, users are advised to exercise caution when sharing sensitive information, as their chats may be reviewed to enhance the system. Users have control over whether new chats on their devices will be used to improve the system.

Notably, the ads-free ChatGPT AI Assistants app is already available in India with subscription options at ₹990 per week, ₹1,450 per month, and ₹6,850 for a lifetime, offering access to the powerful GTP-4 model, unlimited questions and answers, and a generous word limit for both questions and answers.

By utilizing ChatGPT, enterprises can streamline tasks and improve communication. Whether it’s automating routine tasks or enhancing customer support, ChatGPT provides a valuable tool to boost business efficiency and effectiveness.

In January, Microsoft Corp announced a significant investment in OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, to bring advanced AI technologies to its consumer and enterprise products. This collaboration marks the third phase of their long-term partnership.

With Android holding a share of 95.26% of the mobile operating system market in India, as reported by Statista on March 8, the availability of ChatGPT on Android presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to make use of this AI tool.