Coca-Cola Unveils Futuristic AI-Crafted Flavour: Coca-Cola Y3000

Coca-Cola has revealed its latest limited-edition mystery flavour, Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar. This innovation is touted as a collaboration between humans and cutting-edge AI technology, offering consumers a taste of what the future may hold. Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, explained that the goal was to envision what a Coke from the year 3000 might taste like and the experiences it could unlock.… Read the rest

Nvidia and Reliance to Collaborate on AI Applications for India

Nvidia, a leading U.S. chipmaker, has announced a partnership with Reliance Industries, an Indian conglomerate operating in various sectors like oil and telecom. The collaboration aims to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications for India.

Through this partnership, Nvidia and Reliance seek to harness the power of AI technology to create innovative solutions that can benefit various industries in India.… Read the rest

South Korea’s Naver Introduces Generative AI to Compete with ChatGPT

South Korea’s largest internet search company, Naver, has recently announced the launch of its own generative artificial intelligence (AI) service. This move is seen as a direct response to global giants, such as OpenAI, and its popular AI model, ChatGPT.

Naver’s new AI service, named Cue, is designed with a deep understanding of South Korea’s unique culture, background, regulations, and laws.… Read the rest

The Top Generative AI Trends and Impacts of 2023

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has been a major topic of discussion throughout 2023. While there has been a peak in hype surrounding this technology, it is important for data and analytics leaders to stay informed about generative AI trends and the trajectory of innovations in order to make credible cases for investment.… Read the rest