IBM Introduces Cutting-Edge Quantum Processor in Japan, Expanding Possibilities for Scientific Research

Tech giant IBM has made a groundbreaking move in the field of quantum computing with the introduction of a state-of-the-art 127-qubit system processor in Japan. This powerful processor is set to operate within the IBM Quantum System One, a supercomputer located at the University of Tokyo, placing Japan at the forefront of quantum computing technology.… Read the rest

Toshiba Advances Quantum Encryption Research to Pave the Way for Secure Communication Services

Toshiba, a renowned technology company, is making significant strides in quantum encryption research as it anticipates the imminent commercialization of this cutting-edge technology. With its extensive experience in the field, Toshiba has reaffirmed its global leadership position and is now actively developing secure communication services using quantum cryptography, a technology it has been dedicated to advancing for several decades.… Read the rest