Top Programming Languages for AI Jobs

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing field, and proficiency in programming languages is essential for those seeking job opportunities in this domain. Python remains one of the most widely used and recommended languages for AI development. Its flexibility and powerful capabilities in handling complex tasks and data analysis make it indispensable for AI work.… Read the rest

Phy Health Launches Computer Vision and ML-Driven MSK Assessment Platform

Phy Health has introduced its musculoskeletal (MSK) assessment platform designed for healthcare, sports, wellness, and enterprise organizations. The platform utilizes computer vision, machine learning, and AI technology to accurately measure an individual’s musculoskeletal system and kinetic chain. It provides an objective assessment of MSK health in minutes, helping to inform pain and injury risk, deliver prehab and rehab plans, and improve movement and physical performance.… Read the rest

BFSI Artificial Intelligence Market: Unveiling the Potential Scope for 2023-2030

Our research report on the global BFSI Artificial Intelligence (AI) market provides a comprehensive analysis of current market trends, drivers, and opportunities within the financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. The report aims to acquaint readers with the industry and its trends and shed light on the possible implications of these developments on the future of the BFSI AI market.… Read the rest