Calera PD Issues Warning About AI Technology Scams

The Calera Police Department in Alabama is warning the public about scams involving AI technology. The issue came to the attention of Chief David Hyche after a woman from Tuscaloosa County fell victim to an AI scam.

According to Chief Hyche, the woman received a call from someone she believed to be her brother. The scammers used AI technology to duplicate her brother’s voice, leading her to believe she was speaking to him. Unfortunately, she fell for the scam and provided the scammers with her personal information.

It was only after the scammers locked her out of her Facebook account and started using her information to scam others that the woman realized something was wrong. Chief Hyche suspects that the scammers used her brother’s social media videos to generate his voice and deceive his family.

Chief Hyche is particularly concerned about the vulnerability of seniors, who are often the targets of many scams. He advises individuals to establish code words with their loved ones or ask specific questions that only the real person would know the answer to. If suspicious, it is recommended to hang up and call back, rather than acting immediately.

In addition to voice duplication, AI technology can also be used to create fake images and videos, which can be used for blackmail and further scams. The Calera Police Department encourages individuals to report any scams to the Federal Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at as soon as they are discovered.

By raising awareness about these scams and educating the public on how to protect themselves, the Calera Police Department aims to prevent individuals from becoming victims of AI-related fraud.