Bing AI Chat Expands to Chrome and Safari for Select Users

Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing AI, is now available on non-Microsoft browsers such as Google Chrome for Windows and Apple’s Safari for MacOS. Previously, it was exclusively accessible through Microsoft Edge and the Bing mobile app. Bing AI, powered by a customized version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT model, allows users to ask questions, seek information, and compose content. Microsoft has confirmed the rollout of Bing AI chat on Chrome and Safari, initially to select users as part of their testing on other browsers.

To access Bing AI chat on Chrome or Safari, some users may receive a popup notice on the taskbar in Windows 10 or 11, while others can directly visit the Bing website. If eligible, users will see the familiar Chat or Chat Now icon that leads to the chat window. However, the expansion to these browsers is currently limited and not widely available.

It is important to note that the Bing AI experience may have a few limitations on non-Microsoft browsers. For instance, in Chrome, users are restricted to five messages per chat instead of the 30 allowed on Edge. Additionally, while the AI is now integrated into Chrome, a popup window often prompts users to switch to Edge for a better chat experience.

Although some users have reported seeing Bing AI on Chrome, availability may vary depending on the device and user account. Safari users, on the other hand, have not yet observed the presence of Bing AI.

In conclusion, Microsoft is gradually expanding access to Bing AI chat on non-Microsoft browsers, but it is still in the testing phase and only available to select users.