Binance Launches AI-Powered NFT Generator for KYC-Verified Users

Binance’s nonfungible token (NFT) arm has introduced an AI NFT generator called “Bixel.” This tool allows users to create custom artworks using AI technology. The AI NFT generator is now permanently available to Binance NFT users. However, in order to use the tool, users must complete the platform’s know your customer (KYC) identity verification process. This measure is in place to maintain a trustworthy and secure platform for all users, complying with best practices and regulatory requirements.

To mint NFTs using the tool, users are required to pay a minting fee of 0.008 BNB (BNB), equivalent to approximately $1.9. The fee ensures that the NFT creation process is properly executed within the BNB smart chain. Binance aims to provide a seamless experience for users to generate unique digital art and engage in the world of NFTs.

Binance also offers ten free chances per day for users to generate artwork using AI. This allows users to explore their creativity without any additional cost.

Earlier this year, Binance released a beta version of the AI NFT generator called “Bicasso.” The beta version reached its full capacity within 2.5 hours, hitting the minting limit of 10,000 NFTs. However, shortly after the beta launch, allegations arose that Binance had copied the idea for the AI NFT generator from the winners of the BNB Chain hackathon. Binance denied these allegations and stated that “Bicasso” was developed independently two weeks prior to the hackathon.

With the launch of the AI NFT generator, Binance aims to provide its users with an innovative and accessible platform to create unique digital artworks using AI technology.