New Article Title: Exploring the Emotional Toll of Breakups on Bhopal Youths

Psychiatrists in Bhopal are grappling with a concerning rise in cases of post-breakup blues among young adults. According to recent data collected from local psychiatrists, there have been 121 reported cases in the city over the past month, with the majority of affected individuals being college students. These individuals often experience feelings of extreme sadness, self-harm tendencies, and even suicidal thoughts. To cope with their emotional distress, many turn to drugs such as cannabis and alcohol, as well as smoking cigarettes.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, mental health professionals face the dual challenge of first helping these young adults rehabilitate from their breakup and then guiding them to overcome the resulting shock. Dr. Deepti Singhal, Head of the Psychology Department at LN Medical College, shared a recent case involving a 21-year-old medical student who experienced a break-up. The student’s obsession with her partner and her constant need for his presence ultimately drove him away. The young woman’s mental state is now stable, thanks to counseling sessions and the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

NLP, a highly effective therapy, focuses on altering thinking patterns in order to bring about a more positive outlook on life. According to Dr. Singhal, this technique has proven fruitful for many sufferers of post-breakup distress. Additionally, psychiatrist Dr. Manish Borasi emphasizes the importance of seeking support from friends and counseling experts in order to effectively navigate the challenges of a breakup.

As the number of affected individuals continues to rise, it is essential for the community to emphasize the significance of mental health support and resources. By implementing comprehensive educational programs, Bhopal can promote healthier coping mechanisms and encourage open conversations about relationships and emotional well-being. Emotional resilience and a support network are crucial for young adults in dealing with the ups and downs of romantic relationships.


Q: How many cases of post-breakup blues have been reported in Bhopal recently?
A: There have been 121 reported cases of post-breakup blues in Bhopal over the past month.

Q: Who is most affected by post-breakup blues in Bhopal?
A: The majority of affected individuals are college students.

Q: How do individuals with post-breakup blues cope with their emotional distress?
A: Many of them turn to drugs such as cannabis and alcohol, as well as smoking cigarettes.

Q: What therapy has proven successful in helping individuals overcome post-breakup distress?
A: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has been found to be effective in changing thinking patterns and promoting a more positive outlook on life.