BCSO Implements AI Technology to Combat Retail Crime

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) has taken a proactive approach to combat retail crime by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into their latest initiative. With the increasing prevalence of AI in various sectors like gunshot detection and car break-ins, the BCSO aims to leverage its potential in tracking and preventing retail crimes.

Unlike traditional methods, the BCSO’s initiative centers around collaboration with business owners to effectively address retail crime issues. By utilizing AI technology, the department can gather valuable information about vehicles entering business parking lots and assess their potential involvement in criminal activities. This approach ensures that businesses and the BCSO can be promptly notified and take appropriate action when necessary.

Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen emphasized the importance of expanding technological implementations in partnership with local businesses. The BCSO’s current utilization of Flock Safety is just the beginning, as they actively explore opportunities to further enhance their AI capabilities through collaboration with other companies.

Sheriff Allen highlighted the benefits of the AI-driven program, comparing it to an example scenario at the Coronado Mall. If an individual repeatedly engages in retail crimes using the same vehicle, the system will promptly alert the BCSO, signaling a need for intervention. The program builds upon the existing license plate system, scanning vehicles as they enter business parking lots, providing a broader scope for investigation and eliminating potential biases associated with profiling.

Since its launch earlier this week, four businesses, both local shops and large retailers, have already enrolled in the initiative. The BCSO encourages any business owner interested in implementing this technology to reach out to their department. Additionally, they are actively seeking partnerships with other law enforcement agencies to expand the program’s reach.


Q: What is the BCSO currently using AI technology for?
A: The BCSO is using AI technology to track and combat retail crime in collaboration with local businesses.

Q: How does the AI-driven program work?
A: The program utilizes AI to gather information on vehicles entering business parking lots and assess their potential involvement in criminal activities.

Q: What are the benefits of this program?
A: The program allows for unbiased investigations, focusing on vehicle descriptions rather than specific license plates, and enables prompt alerts to both businesses and law enforcement when necessary.

Q: How can businesses get involved in the initiative?
A: Business owners interested in implementing this technology can reach out to the BCSO to explore partnership opportunities.

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