Apple’s Unique Approach to Artificial Intelligence: A Deliberate Move or Fear?

Trust Apple to not follow the herd. The iPhone launch event is arguably the most watched tech event of the year. Millions tune in to see what Apple has up its sleeve, eagerly awaiting every word spoken by the folks from Cupertino. Yet, in the 87-minute keynote, Apple didn’t mention AI or artificial intelligence even once. While other tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Amazon can’t stop talking about it, Apple seems to have a different strategy.

Apple likes to use the term “machine learning” more than “artificial intelligence.” During the WWDC 2023 event, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives carefully avoided any mention of AI. Instead, their approach to AI is more focused on highlighting how it works behind the scenes. If Apple has to tout an AI-powered feature, it opts to talk about machine learning instead.

Unlike its competitors, Apple has yet to make a massive pivot towards AI. While Microsoft integrates AI into its Edge browser, Bing Search, and Windows 11, and Google adopts a more AI-oriented approach in Gmail, Docs, and Search, Apple remains primarily a hardware company. Over 40% of its revenue still comes from the iPhone.

Although Apple utilizes AI to power various features in its devices, the company prefers to keep the focus on its machine learning capabilities rather than explicitly discussing AI. Apple is letting the AI do all the cool things in its hardware and software, but it chooses not to flaunt it in the same manner as others. This deliberate move could be attributed to a variety of reasons. Perhaps Apple wants to avoid the skepticism or fear associated with AI. Alternatively, it may have a different vision for the future of AI that sets it apart from its competitors.

Whatever the underlying motive, one thing is clear: Apple’s unique approach to AI sparks curiosity and debate. Is it a strategic move to differentiate itself, or does it stem from a genuine concern about how AI is perceived? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the next launch event, hoping for insights into the company’s evolving relationship with this ever-evolving technology.


Why didn’t Apple mention artificial intelligence during its keynote?

Apple has a unique approach to artificial intelligence where it prefers to use the term “machine learning” and highlight how it works in the background rather than explicitly discussing AI. This strategy sets Apple apart from its competitors and sparks curiosity about the company’s motives and vision for AI.

Is Apple averse to using artificial intelligence?

No, Apple utilizes artificial intelligence to power various features in its devices. However, it chooses not to focus on AI in the same way as other tech giants. Apple’s emphasis on machine learning and its avoidance of explicit AI mentions may stem from a deliberate move to differentiate itself or concerns about the public perception of AI.

What is the significance of Apple’s machine learning capabilities?

Apple’s machine learning capabilities play a vital role in enhancing the functionality and user experience of its hardware and software. By leveraging machine learning technologies, Apple is able to deliver intelligent features without drawing explicit attention to the underlying artificial intelligence framework. This approach maintains a seamless user experience while still harnessing the power of AI.