AllotMe: Revolutionizing Urban Gardening with Digital Solutions

AllotMe, a UK-based online platform, is on a mission to address the growing problem of limited outdoor space and the desire for sustainable living among urban dwellers. With over 80% of the UK population living in cities and a significant portion lacking garden space, AllotMe aims to make it easy for anyone to grow their own food by connecting unused garden spaces with aspiring vegetable growers.

Inspired by his own experience of wanting more space to grow his own food in a flat in London, Conor Gallagher, the founder of AllotMe, recognized the challenges faced by many others in similar situations. Securing an allotment in the UK can take several years, making it nearly impossible for urban residents to engage in gardening.

AllotMe acts as a digital platform, matching Hosts with available outdoor spaces and Greenfingers with the desire to grow their own food. Currently, the platform boasts over 6,000 users across the UK, and its popularity continues to grow. Users can access guides and tools to learn the necessary skills for successful gardening.

To further enhance their offerings, AllotMe recently launched Hazel, an artificial intelligence gardening assistant. Hazel aims to break down barriers to information and make the process of growing one’s own food more accessible, especially to young people. By using AI technology, AllotMe hopes to engage and inspire a new generation of gardeners.

With projections indicating that over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities within 30 years, the lack of available outdoor space will become an even more pressing issue. AllotMe strives to be the leading brand in the global grow-your-own movement, offering practical solutions to the challenges faced by urban dwellers who aspire to live more sustainably.


Q: How does AllotMe work?
A: AllotMe connects Hosts with available outdoor space and Greenfingers who want to grow their own food. The platform provides guides and tools for learning and offers an artificial intelligence gardening assistant named Hazel.

Q: How many users does AllotMe have?
A: AllotMe currently has more than 6,000 users across the UK and is continuously growing.

Q: What is the purpose of the Hazel gardening assistant?
A: Hazel is an artificial intelligence gardening assistant aimed at breaking barriers to information and making it easier for young people to engage in growing their own food.

Q: Why is AllotMe important?
A: AllotMe addresses the lack of available outdoor space for urban residents and aims to promote sustainable living through accessible gardening solutions.