New Title: Taking Steps Towards Responsible AI: Tech Giants Join Biden’s Commitments

Several influential tech companies in the United States, such as Adobe, IBM, and Nvidia, have recently pledged their support for President Biden’s voluntary commitments on artificial intelligence (AI). Joining them are Salesforce, Palantir, Scale AI, Stability, and Cohere, forming a formidable lineup of industry leaders dedicated to shaping responsible AI practices.

During a White House event in July, companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, OpenAI, and Microsoft had already expressed their support when the commitments were first introduced. Now, with the addition of Adobe, IBM, and Nvidia, among others, a diverse range of players in the tech industry are coming together to drive the development of AI based on a set of fundamental principles: safety, security, and trust.

What sets these commitments apart is the level of detail included in each company’s pledge. For example, companies have agreed to implement watermarking on AI-generated content, ensuring transparency and accountability. Furthermore, they have committed to subjecting their AI models to rigorous security checks before deployment, with independent third-party experts overseeing the testing process. This collaborative approach aims to mitigate risks associated with AI and foster a culture of responsible AI development.

Importantly, these commitments go beyond individual company efforts. The signatories have pledged to share information on managing AI risks across the industry and with key stakeholders such as governments, civil society, the tech community, and academia. This knowledge-sharing initiative aims to create a collective understanding of best practices, further promoting ethical and responsible AI implementations.

President Joe Biden’s Executive Order earlier this year, focused on removing bias in the development and use of new technologies, demonstrated the administration’s commitment to responsible AI. The voluntary commitments from these tech giants mark a pivotal step in the right direction. While seen as a temporary measure, as the U.S. Congress engages in discussions around AI legislation, these commitments set a solid foundation for future regulations and guidelines.


1. What are the key principles highlighted in the companies’ commitments?
The commitments emphasize the importance of safety, security, and trust in the development of AI technologies.

2. How will the companies ensure the security of their AI models?
The companies have agreed to conduct rigorous security checks on their AI models before they are launched. These checks will be carried out by independent third-party experts.

3. Will the companies share information on managing AI risks?
Yes, the signatories have committed to sharing information on managing AI risks not only within the industry but also with key stakeholders such as governments, civil society, the tech community, and academia.

4. Are these voluntary commitments a temporary measure?
While the voluntary commitments are regarded as a significant step towards responsible AI development, they are seen as a temporary measure until formal AI legislation is established through discussions in the U.S. Congress.