The Future of Customer Engagement: AI Chatbot Revolutionizes the CBD Sector

In a groundbreaking move, 1606 Corp. (OTC:CBDW) has joined forces with AR XTLabs, a prominent backend development firm, to create an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) natural language processing chatbot specifically tailored for the CBD sector. While 1606 Corp. plans to rebrand itself as CBDW AI, their main goal is to enhance customer interactions, provide valuable educational resources, foster new customer engagement, and offer personalized CBD product recommendations.

The AI chatbot is set to revolutionize the CBD industry, providing a seamless and enjoyable customer journey while boosting sales for CBD enterprises. By licensing this technology nationwide, 1606 Corp. aims to empower CBD brands and retailers to offer their customers informed product decisions based on specific CBD usage requirements.

CEO of 1606 Corp., Greg Lambrecht, expressed his excitement about the chatbot’s potential to address the challenges faced by CBD consumers when choosing products online. Lambrecht described the chatbot as a game changer, especially in an industry as fragmented as CBD, where FDA approval is still pending. The company’s primary focus is to instill confidence in customers by providing reliable and trustworthy information to guide their CBD purchasing decisions.

1606 Corp. is not merely a CBD company; it is a dynamic think tank that incorporates innovative technology solutions to overcome the most pressing customer service problems within the CBD industry. With this new AI chatbot, they are spearheading a paradigm shift in customer engagement and paving the way for enhanced online experiences in the CBD sector.


Q: What is the purpose of the AI chatbot developed by 1606 Corp. and AR XTLabs?
A: The purpose of the AI chatbot is to elevate customer interactions, provide education, foster new customer engagement, and offer personalized CBD product recommendations.

Q: How will the chatbot benefit CBD consumers?
A: The chatbot will help consumers make informed decisions by providing information based on their specific CBD usage requirements.

Q: What makes the AI chatbot a game changer for the CBD industry?
A: The CBD industry is fragmented, and FDA approval is still pending. The chatbot aims to provide customers with a high level of confidence in choosing CBD products by offering reliable and trustworthy information.

Q: What is the vision of 1606 Corp.?
A: 1606 Corp. is not just a CBD company; it is a dynamic think tank with innovative technology solutions aimed at solving customer service problems in the CBD industry.